Online consultation


Online Consultation in Endocrinology is offered as an orientation and professional guidance by a licensed specialist in medical Endocrinology for you personally as a patient, but it is not intended to replace a visit to a specialty clinic in Endocrinology.

The price for an Online consultation is 400 SEK per visit.

Online Consultation is for your own case only and is not intended for the medical case of another person or for theoretical  medical cases.

Start your Online Consultation by briefly answering the six questions in the field below:

Your patient data above will be transmitted by e-mail directly and confidentially to our Specialist in Endocrinology.

An answer will be returned to your e-mal address within 24 hours on working days when you click “transfer”.

The answer will constitute an initial specialist opinion or advice and may eventually open for a continued contact if judged beneficial for you.

Your patient data will not be made available to any third party (not even to authorities) without your written consent or a court order. Your data will be kept at the clinic in your personal patient file. Your data is handled according the Swedish Government Directive for Patient Data (2008), The Swedish Medical Authority Directive for Patient Privacy, and the EU GDPR (General Data Privacy Registry) 2018. Your data will not be used for research purposes.

Physical exam, blood testing, treatment, prescription of medications, medical certificates or referrals require your scheduled visit to the clinic.